Clinton Corners Day 4: LEGOLAND Remix

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, we purchased a LEGOLAND package that included two days at the park and one hotel night. That allowed us today to revisit some attractions we’d skipped over yesterday, as well as revisit some favorites needing a second look.

#1BigSis’s favorite from yesterday was the LEGO Factory Adventure. I’d gone with her yesterday, so today she took her dad along for the adventure.

Reception drive up at LEGOLAND Hotel

Yesterday we skipped past Kingdom and Ninjago. Fortunately today a few rides that were closed yesterday were open today. Some staff members described short handed staffing thanks to Covid as a reason for the closures, but we learned 100% of the Slushee machines were closed due to Yellow Jackets stinging one too many guests.

MiniFig Displays

Amir and #1BigSis hit the spinning teacups today since they were closed yesterday. I suppose technically they weren’t teacups, rather, the “Spinning Disco,” but that’s the closest equivalent. Happily, no one threw up.

Next stop, face painting. We’d scoped it out yesterday, but the line was long and we’d discovered it late in the day. #1BigSis decided to be a rainbow tiger. Amazingly she sat still for the whole thing, save for one emergency moment where she had a big booger that needed attention. (Sorry Kaye).

She said next time we all 4 need to be rainbow tigers

I think the pace of yesterday started catching up with me today. Between my wasp-stung right foot (still swollen) and the SI joint pain I’ve been battling since pregnant with #1LilBrother, today was a reminder that 43 and pregnant isn’t smooth sailing. I stopped to rest at every shady bench I saw, and gained a new appreciation for disability friendly spaces.

We stopped by another MiniFig station for some construction time

About 4 years ago, Amir started collecting LEGO MiniFigs. I think as a result of saving a few of the LEGO Star Wars Christmas Advent Calendar friends over the years, his hobby gained traction, and now has over 200 back home. When we were at LEGOLAND Denmark, he even made one representing each of (at the time) the three of us.

This was #1BigSis’s contribution to the family collection

While I rested, Amir and #1BigSis rode a few rides, including the Mini Dragon rollercoaster, her first ever.

No scaredy-cats here

In a miraculous feat, we did manage to get one photo of all four of us while exploring Ninjago. I asked a nice woman to take her photo, and she was mortified when her preteen daughter jumped in front of the camera and blocked the view, not realizing her mom was helping out strangers.

A motley crew, but we have fun

LEGOLAND was certainly hard to say goodbye to, but exhaustion made the decision easy. There were a few tears on the trek back to the car. But once I took some Tylenol and put my feet up, I stopped whining.

Robots give the best hugs

Back at The Willows, the rain from Ida left everything even greener than when we’d left. Amir threw a fishing pole in but got no bites. We walked the grounds, hoping to spot another deer (I saw one when alone on day 1, and still no one believes me). Sneaking up on skittish deer with our squirmy crew is a futile effort.

Not much makes him feel small
All the snugs

A gamble, I climbed into the hammock, not knowing if I’d be able to climb out on my own. It didn’t take long for everyone else to pile in with me, and Amir captured the photo that encapsulated everything that taking a vacation can heal.

A fitting end to a beautiful day

Tomorrow is Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, and we plan to check out the Farmer’s Market at Millbrook as well as a playground close by. Sunday we have a beginner’s horseback riding lesson scheduled for #1BigSis. Trying not to over-schedule us, but to balance that with taking in all these amazing experiences while we can.

One thought on “Clinton Corners Day 4: LEGOLAND Remix”

  1. You’re a trooper, Steph, that’s for sure. (I know because I waddled all over Bangkok at six months pregnant and it ain’t easy.)
    I love all the Primary colours…great for the kids. The hotel is wonderful !
    So thrilled about the riding lesson…she does love being on horseback.
    Now take it a bit easier. If that’s possible.


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