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If pages came as emojis

Right now there’s a whole new crop of medical school students graduating in a month who will start their careers as doctors on July 1. There are two things every medical student looks forward to receiving as an Intern – a long white coat and a pager. But any Resident will tell you: after your first night on call, you want to throw that pager against the wall and then stomp it into little pieces.

But what if pages, instead of boring B&W text, arrived as an emoji puzzle to decipher? That just might make getting 84 pages in a 12 hour Trauma shift slightly more tolerable.  See if you can figure out these common pages.

The “Frequent Fliers” of Pages













13.FullSizeRender (22)

Answers to “Frequent Fliers” Pages

  1. Mrs. Jones has a headache, please order tylenol
  2. Mr. Smith has post-op pain, please increase his pain meds
  3. Code Blue, Mr. Jones
  4. Please renew Mr. Smith’s order for restraints
  5. Mrs. Jones needs a diet order
  6. Baby Davis is febrile and has no PRNs
  7. Mr. White needs zofran for nausea
  8. Another ED admit
  9. The transfer from the OSH is on the floor
  10. Please call Pharmacy, you messed up your order again
  11. Who is going home today? -Bed Flow
  12. Mr. Smith needs a laxative
  13. Mr. Jones needs CIWA scoring

And, just for fun, some not some common but ridiculous (and true) pages:

FullSizeRender (23)

FYI: 3AM page for a “fever” of 99.0F

FullSizeRender (21)

Mr. X had a nightmare. He’s awake now.

Add your own favorite pager stories (and emoji puzzles) in the comments!