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Denmark Days 6&7: The Wedding & the World Cup Final

The wedding day finally arrived. We took a taxi from our hotel to the church for the ceremony. Most things are walkable in Copenhagen, but this church was 30 minutes by foot even in comfortable shoes, plus it was sprinkling.

Filips Kirke Church, Copenhagen

Just as in the US, it’s customary to arrive 15-30 minutes before the start of the ceremony.

Playing with the plastic animals
Jeff & Amir

The ceremony was conducted entirely in Danish. I had to escape out the back door about three minutes in after #1Toddler started fussing and shouting “No! No! No!” I heard a few guests quip that she was objecting to the marriage, so I figured that was our cue.

There was a break between the ceremony and a canal boat ride that lead up to the cocktail hour. Given the weather and the fact that someone needed a nap to achieve the important act of staying awake until the dance floor, we opted to skip the canal boat and take a family ciesta to recharge.

Ciesta time before the reception and dancing

The cocktail hours started at 5pm, and we arrived at 5:30. The venue is located at Langelinie Pavillion near Kastellet, with 180 degree views of the water.

The bride and groom took photos by the sea port

Nadja gave me a heads up on a few of the unique Danish wedding traditions. For starters, the dinner is five hours NOT including dancing. The Danish are famous for giving speeches. All guests are invited to toast the bride and/or groom. Sentimental or a roast, anything goes. But the speeches are formal and preplanned. Those wishing to speak must sign up with “the Toastmaster” ahead of time to be added to the schedule of speakers.

One of the quizzes asked attendees to raise a flag, US or Danish, to vote for whoever a given clue was true for. Someone enjoyed waving the flags indiscriminately.

After the promised five hours of toasts (which sped by) and a delicious steak dinner with pickled celery root and herb potatoes, the dancing began.

The main course
Making news friends
Oddities of the gift table
The silver accent stones are actually chocolate

The cocktail hour space which later became the dance floor

We had a goal of making it to the dancing which we were told would start around midnight. To our amazement, no one on our team needed a nap, and everyone powered through and made it to the dance floor to let loose.

At 1am we called it a night. We left impressed by the attention to personal detail displayed in every aspect of the wedding – the sentimental speeches that helped us get to know both Jeff and Nadja better, the thoughtful icebreakers and translations back and forth between English and Danish, and the exquisite food. Amir and I both decided we will RSVP yes to any Danish wedding invites from here on out.

Day 7

To say we were moving slowly this morning is an understatement. Coming up on noon, #1Toddler began to get antsy and request to go to “da park, da park!” So she and I headed out on a solo walk in search of the famous trampoline sidewalks.

She of course fell asleep in the stroller just five minutes into the walk, so I took the opportunity to stop for an Aperol Spritz and cheese plate while she slept.

Enjoying my orange

She awoke just as I was paying the bill and packing up to move us to our next destination. She didn’t miss the ice cream sign on the way out.

Decisions, decisions
Copenhagen Harbour

We walked just three blocks past Copenhagen Bicycles where we rented our family bicycle on Day 5 of our trip and found the Trampoline Sidewalk. Friends on one of my online mom boards recommended this one for kids.

Still working on jumping with two feet at the same time

After the trampoline sidewalk, we headed back to the hotel to reconnect with Amir who was resting and tackling a migraine.

Danish architecture focuses heavily on clean lines
The National Workshop for Arts is seen across the harbour
Amaliehaven Fountain
Gefion Fountain featuring the Norse Goddess of the same name

St. Alban’s Church, 1887

The only other must-do item on the list for today was watching the Women’s World Cup Final between the USA and the Netherlands. We figured being in Europe where futbol is king, we’d have no trouble finding a spot to watch the game. To our surprise, we walked two miles and stopped by 8 pubs before finding our viewing home at the Happy Pig. In fairness, The Dubliner Irish Pub did have the game on, but it was standing room only and not toddler friendly.


On a random side note, Amir and I couldn’t help but notice the hundreds of discarded nitrous oxide cartridges that litter the streets in some hot spots of the city. In doing a little Googling, it seems whippets are the favorite drug of the young crowds here in Copenhagen.

In some areas discarded silver N2O cartridges are more numerous than cigarette butts

After the glorious futbol victory, we made our way to Sticks & Sushi, a favorite restaurant of Jeff & Nadja, and also the place where we cancelled our reservation after an exhausting day on the bike and too much soft serve. I’m so glad we circled back and made it there. Commence the food porn.

Spicy miso soup with salmon, seaweed and tofu
Kids “sticks box” with chicken meatballs, white rice, edamame, carrots and peanut sauce
Shrimp tempura

Sister sushi box
Lemon sorbet, white chocolate creme with raspberry glaze, coconut rice pudding with passion fruit compote and a pistachio chocolate torte

Everything we ordered was unforgettable. We both agreed we’ve paid twice as much for meals we’ve liked half as much, and for sushi, the pricing was very fair given the quality.

The last two nights have brought the best meals yet. I can’t wait to see what we can eat tomorrow.

Amir, Jeff & Nadja

$3 IKEA cups FTW again, this time during the speeches
We may have snuck in a raspberry popsicle
Downtime in the hotel room

DIY Wedding Invites: Start with a blank canvas & fancy it up

Pricey invitations got you down?  Like most people, the hardest part of planning our wedding was making the most out of the budget we had.  I had received some great advice to make a list of the Top 3 elements you care most about, and the 3 you care least about.  That way you can shift money away from low priority items and towards what you really want.

Dead last on our list was wedding cake, but just ahead of that were the invitations.  We wanted something cheap that didn’t look cheap.  Solution: Take a simple but elegant invite and fancy it up with specialty paper, silver leaf or other accents.

target invite
Simple ivory invitation set from Target

1. Pick a classic canvas

Simple is great and can give you a quality canvas for the base of your invite.  Target, Michael’s and other online retailers sell great print-your-own invitation sets that you can format to your home printer specs.  I really like the Gartner Studios collection at Target.  The plain invites also have the benefit of being cheaper, and there’s typically more quantity in stock.

2.  Find accents to match your colors

You can buy fine papers in any pattern you can think of online or at art & craft stores.  Think about the tone you want to set for your big event – you invites will set the stage.  Don’t be afraid to go bold.  The other benefit of a simple, classy canvas is room to really show your creative side.

19bab5cca7ba22f770c4aa12ba100bd9 c5b32119f1b90e59b092cbd70fa5efef mozart_plum_1

PaperSource.com has some great options, or check out Rossi1931.com for a breathtaking collection of fine Italian papers guaranteed to impress.

3.  Accessorize you invites

Adding a 3D element to your invites can really raise them to a new level.  Whether it’s a satin bow, wax seal, or a chrome paper clip, it’s the details that really make it your unique creation.


Just Google “invitation accessories” and get ready to explore endless possibilities.  If you have good self control, consider breaking out your Bedazzler!  Also, don’t be afraid to decorate your envelopes.  Just make sure you check with the USPS regarding any increased costs or anticipated damage to your masterpiece.  Depending on the postage option you choose, invites may be hand or machine sorted, so it pays to ask.

wax seal
Silver wax seal and a satin ribbon

4.  Find that one thing to tie it all together

Your wedding correspondence is a great way to set the stage for your event.  Nothing says it has to be matchy-matchy, but before you get to work on production, try to identify at least one element to tie together your Save-the-Dates, Rehearsal Dinner Invites and Wedding Invites.  It could be as simple as using the same font, or repeating a central color throughout.  In our case we repeated our colors, and changed the design big time from event to event.

Save the Date
Invitation for our Egyptian/Mediterranean Rehearsal Dinner
Bridal Shower Invitation

5.  Time to produce your masterpiece

I highly recommend recruiting friends & family to help with this step.  Create an assembly-line structure to ensure uniformity in each step and to keep things swift and fun.  Having multiple bottles of Prosecco on hand does’t hurt either.

4 frame
DIY Customized Wedding Invites – $1.06 each

Please feel free to comment with any questions or ideas that you’ve tried!  Special thanks to my mother, Kaye Krebs, and mother-in-law, Julia Louka, for creating all 240 of our invitations by hand.