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Denmark Day 5: Reffen & Freetown Christiania via Family Bicycle

The one thing I had earmarked as a must-do during my research for the trip was to rent a bicycle to help us explore the lesser traveled paths here.

At Kings Garden with our Premium Family Bike

There are two big bike rental companies with friendly websites that allow online reservations and booking prior to arrival. Depending when you plan on visiting, they may or may not all be booked. We rented through Copenhagen Bicycles, but Christiania Bicycles is also supposed to be good. Plus they offer electric versions. They also both offer free helmets for kids.

#1Toddler enjoyed ringing the bell on our bike

First we headed in search of food. Amir had scoped out a unique place called Reffen, which can best be described as an artist’s baby: shipping container construction project meets food truck rodeo with a pinch of farmer’s market and street art. I unfortunately didn’t capture it well in photos today as I was chasing around you know who. Amir and I decided we need this in Richmond.

One of many mini wine bars at Reffen

The Italian stall at Reffen

Fresh whole mackerel cleaned and grilled right in front of you

Amir ordered freshly grilled mackerel, I had a fresh Italian baguette with prosciutto, mozzarella and pesto, and the little one ate a gourmet corn dog.

The whole area by the water has embraced the shipping container movement

After Reffen we (and by we I mean Amir) pedaled to Freetown Christiania – an “off the grid” sort of town with artists, few laws, a good amount of drugs and some beautiful scenery. The only downside – you can’t take pictures there.

The ride from Christiania back to Town is full of quiet moments

After Christiania, we made our way from the waterside inland towards the King’s Garden where the 2019 Jazz Festival is taking place while we are here. We stopped by the playground first. Side note: #1Toddler didn’t even want to wear her helmet at first, but then she insisted on wearing it all day.

After the playground, we made our way to the rose gardens of Rosenborg Castle. There’s a moat around the castle as with most important structures here in Copenhagen, but this one features friendly fish and ducks.

For our last hour in the garden, we decided to take it easy and just relax in the grass and enjoy the airy new age jazz playing all around us.

As we headed back to return our rented bicycle, I tried to snap a few photos and a video to capture the ride. For some reason today my photo skills weren’t on par with my norm – but that didn’t spoil the fun.

Total route biked: 6.2 miles!

Still smiling even after all that hard work

After returning our bike, we stopped in Nyhavn at Vaffelbageren for soft serve ice cream. Oh my oh my was it delicious. We ended up eating it all and canceling our dinner reservations.

Instead, we opted for a charcuterie dinner with red wine in the roof top terrace of our hotel. Total cost: $30.

Tonight we are going to rest up for the big wedding tomorrow. Nadja told me dancing won’t even begin until midnight, so I need all the energy I can get!