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Argentina Day 8: Rain, rain go away

Another day of rain for us, but that’s ok because we deliberately placed scenic Bariloche in the middle of our three-stop adventure, a time to slow down and relax.

The window clings I bought as an airplane activity double as rainy day fun as well

Dry erase markers and window clings plus an oversized window created a giant canvas for practicing the alphabet.

The rain let up some, so we set out for a walk through Cerro Leones, ancient volcanic caves complete with 8000 year old drawings from civilizations long ago lost.

Unfortunately when we got there, we didn’t realize they offer only guided tours, and they leave at 11am and 3pm. It was 3:40. Sandra, the hostess, was very helpful. She offered to schedule us for tomorrow and even volunteered a hiking carrier for #1Toddler should we want to use it. We decided to take her info and decide later on if we’ll try again.

Strawberry and banana ice cream at Chocolatería Rama

Not to be defeated, we left Cerro Leones and found a delicious Chocolatería & Heladería close to a park with a playground. Some people are easy to please.

Parque Eziquiel

After the park and ice cream, we of course needed to eat more. We decided upon Punta Panorámico which was recommended by our AirBnB host Otto.

Tostada de jamón y queso (grilled ham and cheese)
Trout with parmesan panko crust and herb cream potatoes
Chocolate Chico (small hot chocolate)

Of course Punto Panorámico had amazing views, even in the wet weather.

We’re settling in early for a movie night with all three of us in one bed. “Cars” in Spanish is the plan. Tomorrow calls for sunshine and more beautiful walks.