Denmark Day 9: Tivoli Gardens

Sadly today was our last full day here in Denmark, but we saved the best for last. Tivoli Gardens, which opened in August of 1843, is the second oldest amusement park in the world (the oldest is also in Denmark).

Image: Visual Maps

We took the train just two stops to get to Tivoli. While the ticket line looked intimidatingly long, it took less than ten minutes to enter the park.

The chair swings in the background

View from the Balloons

It didn’t take long for someone to discover the balloons and coax her dad into buying a huge Peppa Pig balloon.

Stopping to check out the fountain on the way to the playground

Tivoli has a large play area designed for 2-10 year olds. There are small rides but also rope bridges, climbing structures and seesaws.

We stopped to watch a small play that just so happened to be starting as we walked by. Although it was all in Danish, #1Toddler laughed at all the jokes.

After the play, we made a B-line for the carousel. Amir wanted to ride a giraffe, but someone else selected the spinning teacup instead.

After teacups, we stopped for lunch at the shawarma shack. Recharged, we headed for the rocket ride.

There’s a ride that reminded me of It’s a Small World at DisneyWorld – except this one features all of the creatures and characters from the Hans Christian Anderson fables.

A few scenes from the “Small World” ride
Sadly we didn’t win mega chocolate roulette

After a few rides, we headed to the main garden to enjoy the flowers. Unfortunately we weren’t able to stay past dark with the park illuminated.

There are many shops, but only one official Tivoli Gardens shop. I’d been on the hunt for a Christmas Ornament and finally found one at the last shop of the day.

Making friends with “big duck”

I just finished packing up for tomorrow’s long journey home. Our cab comes at 5am, so I’d better get to bed to set us up for successful travel with minimum meltdown tomorrow.

It’s been an incredible trip, and I can’t say enough lovely things about Jeff, Nadja and their families. Thank you both again for such a special invitation.

One thought on “Denmark Day 9: Tivoli Gardens”

  1. So many opportunities for #1Toddler to have fun….balloons, rides, ice creams. Love that! More incredible photos !
    Safe travels tomorrow.


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