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Jamaica Day 7: Deep Sea Fishing (sans catching) & Preparations for Returning Home

Amir and I went to Belize for our Honeymoon in October 2013. We didn’t have a traditional wedding registry with china, silver and home goods but rather a honeymoon registry where people could gift us a romantic dinner, snorkeling and other expeditions. One of our most infamous outings was deep sea fishing in the boat “Mojo.” We brought in a huge haul of mackerel, barracuda, yellowfin tuna, conch and more, but it wasn’t without a price. Amir had terrible seasickness for the first and only time in his life.

On our way out, full of optimism

We only had to go a half mile off shore to reach depths of 2000 feet and ultimately ended up about 6 miles off shore. The shelf drops off much sooner here than at home in Va Beach where deep sea trips take you 20-30 miles offshore.

We had four of these bad boys in at once

The local fishermen share tips and sightings of schools of fish across the radio. We listened to those reports of “Bonita” sightings and followed the birds to try and find out fish. There were at max two other charters out where we were, attempting the same maneuvers. Unfortunately for everyone NOTHING was biting. Our best catch was seaweed, and no one else had a bigger trophy.

Headed toward the bait ball

Our trip lasted 4 hours and while we didn’t get even a nibble, we did get to see 10-15 dolphin jumping waves in synchrony and a handful of flying fish take flight. We returned to Sea Glass empty handed but fulfilled.

Hide and seek

Back at Sea Glass, #1BigSister and I took advantage of our remaining pool time. We played hide and go seek. Her favorite spot was within the ring floats.

Amir gets his COVID test

At 3pm the nurse stopped by to administer our required COVID-19 tests for return back to the US. Ages 2 and up only. We are all negative.

Snail friends on the gift shop sidewalk

After establishing COVID negativity, the moms wanted to do some last minute shopping for gifts. There’s not too much here to be honest, just a few stalls with seashell jewelry and some Bob Marley t-shirts.

Before dinner I took a last walk of the property to snap a few more photos of the flowers. When I look back at our annual photo album at each of our trips, it’s always the close ups of nature that set the tone and bring me back to that place. Vacationing is always imperfect, and this one marked by the shooting in Texas, as our oldest starts kindergarten this fall.

I used to have my guard up on vacation to not fall in love with each place, chasing a mirage of perfection, as vacations are by definition manufactured bliss. I’d remind myself how home is home, the home we know and love. But lately home doesn’t feel like home. At least not my home, and it’s possible that home was the mirage all along, the ugly truth unfolding in loss of freedom, loss of innocence, loss of life.

Amir and I often fantasize of moving abroad (both his brother and my sister live abroad with their families). We’ve researched which countries accept our medical training, which value social liberty and freedoms we hold dear. We’ve said before we’ll use a vacation as a scouting mission to find that special place. I think the pursuit is on.


One last look at Sea Glass Villa

Jamaica Day 6: Villa Tours & High Tea at The Great House

Today was a combination of all my HGTV dreams come true. Thursday is the day that Tryall Club opens up the unoccupied Villas for house tours to other guests.

Karma Bay Villa

First up, Karma Bay, which coincidentally is the Villa where our coworker that recommended we come to Tryall Club comes every year. The square footage is less than Sea Glass, but oh my oh my the bay front views are breathtaking.

She first starting coming here for one week each year. Then clearly the serenity took hold, and one week turn to two, two turned to three, and later as her career afforded, an entire month each year. Now I understand why she has such a tempered disposition at work. A month here surely goes a long way for ones mental health.

All he needs is a fishing pole

After Karma Bay, we headed next door to Oceans 8, a sprawling villa we recognized from all the marketing materials for Tryall Club. The Villa is owned by the owner of Sandals Resorts – someone just a tad accustomed to lux Caribbean living.

The staff said the owners “rarely” come to this amazing house they custom built. In case you are interested, you can rent Oceans 8 for $40,000-$60,000/ week depending on season.

Flower in our fish pond that blooms 3 hrs/day

After our house tours, we headed back to Sea Glass Villa to touch base with the rest of the crew. Only Amir, Julia and I had gone on the house tours – everyone else was team kid back at Sea Glass.

The reading room near check-in

#1BigSister had been begging me for Caribbean hair braids since our arrival. I lucked out and booked a last minute 3:30 appointment to get her hair braided, and with any luck, a proper haircut to correct my errors earlier this week when I, out of frustration and desperation, used the house scissors to cut 6 inches off her hair after an hour spent trying to detangle a mess of wannabe dreadlocks.

$30 for 10 braids

After the salon, we met the rest of the crew at “The Great House” for high tea. At 4pm every day the resort hosts a free high tea session with finger sandwiches, fresh fruit and scones.

The entrance to the tea room

At 5pm the bar opens for happy hour, featuring half priced drinks. I was happy we decided to check it out as the views from the top are well… spectacular.

Tomorrow Amir and I will go deep sea fishing. We took an amazing trip on our honeymoon, but as luck would have it Amir suffered severe seasickness for the first time in his life, and never since then, which of course limited his enjoyment of the experience. Tomorrow is our do-over. We set off at 7am. Wish us luck.


Jamaica Day 5: Fishing & Snorkeling Trip plus Naps! Naps! Naps!

Top of my list for excursions was snorkeling, while Amir desperately wanted a fishing adventure. Egem, my mom and #1BigSister joined us too.

The Captain caught a red snapper

We started our 3 hour expedition bottom fishing with the shoreline still in sight. Everyone got immediate nibbles on their lines and quickly reeled in fish, except me of course.

After about an hour of fishing, we reeled in our lines and all agreed we were ready to snorkel. Usually fishing and snorkeling are separate bookings, but since it’s the low season and not as many tourists here, they were able to offer us a combined expedition.

Steph and #1BigSister snorkeling

#1BigSister still hasn’t mastered swimming yet, so you’d think she wouldn’t be able to snorkel. Fortunately they now make a full-face mask with built in snorkel. We ordered one on Amazon about two months ago and have been practicing in the bathtub at home for just this moment.

“Lazy swimmers”

The crew gave us the option of snorkeling with or without a life jacket. They call those that use the life jacket the “lazy swimmers.” We happily accepted that moniker.

Back at Sea Glass Villa, we all got hit with the simultaneous urge to nap. I slept 1.5 hours, a much needed reprieve from the sun and endless eating.

Flowers from the grounds of Sea Glass Villa

After naps, the daily thunderstorms rolled in. One of my favorite aspects of indoor/outdoor living is the all weather experience, sitting in the fresh air while rain pours down, lightening thunders, the air fills with mist – you are outside in the experience, but with a cover above you keeping you dry.

Boat launch

Tomorrow is Thursday, and that’s the day that any unoccupied Villas open up to tours to the other guests at Tryall Club. Think of it as Homearama of the Jamaican resort world. We won’t know until the morning which villas are open for tours, but that almost adds to the mystique. After all, the boxer Lennox Lewis lives here – this is where they filmed “How Stella Got her Groove Back” and the Obamas visited just last year.

We’re also deciding between “Swimming with Dolphins” and deep sea fishing, but first order of business is to secure more size 2 diapers and formula, as we’re almost out of both. Feels like home, but without the formula shortage.


Balinese Dragon outside the Villa Bali Hai

Jamaica Day 4: Rain, Rain Go Away

#1BabySister slept through the night again for the third night in a row. They say that once they start solids they start to sleep better, and we’d introduced them about three weeks ago when the formula shortage was really ramping into emergency status. Well, I think it’s paying off now. I’ll accept any and all happy accidents.

#1BabySister with Egem, our new Au Pair

I love that the hardest decisions I have to make here involves pancakes & waffles vs eggs any style I can dream up.

Every morning our chef makes breakfast of our individual choice, and each morning seems to feature a new set of china, placemats and fresh flowers from around the grounds of the Villa.

Poolside Breakfast

After breakfast we returned to the beach, this time better prepared with all the swimmies, pool toys and snorkel gear. We also scoped out the cocktail situation early and ordered up a few piña coladas and some pineapple juice for the kids.

Dada living his best life

#1BigSister took her snorkel for a true test drive today in Sandy Bay. With her life jacket on, she floated on the surface and explored the sea grass, sand and shells below. She even found an occupied shell, home to a “queen conch” or Strombas gigas a threatened species in the Caribbean Sea.

Friendly little queen conch

We tossed our little friend back in before #1BigBrother got any ideas about smashing him or taking him home as a pet. We are suffering some extreme attachment issues these days.

Best family portrait we could snag

For lunch we ordered food to the chairs on the beach. The menu includes the delicious pizza we had yesterday, plus an assortment of seafood baskets and jerk chicken wraps/paninis/wings. Did I mention the mango and pineapple daiquiris with a “floater” on top?

We spent the morning back and forth from the pool to the beach as attention spans wavered from one to the next. We even met some new friends, a little girl named Randy and her Nanny, both from Georgia.

First swim lessons

The kids had toy envy though, so we ended up spending $14 on a dollar store plastic bucket and shovel. I justified the expenditure by convincing myself we could pay it forward for the next family with little ones – but it broke before we even got back to the house. Oh well.

Main bedroom suite
Front entryway with views to the indoor and outdoor dining rooms
Looking at the Main Suite from across the courtyard

As we finished lunch at the beach, the sky darkened, thunder rolled in and we scurried like sand crabs to collect our things and get back to Sea Glass Villa before the sky truly opened up.

Two friends found back at Sea Glass Villa

Tomorrow we’ve booked a boating adventure where we can fish for the first hour and then snorkel for the second half. With this big of a crew, we need flexibility to accommodate everyone’s bucket list items. I’m wrapping todays post up early because I know I’ll either need a nap or early bedtime to have the stamina for tomorrow’s adventures.


Three peas in a pod

Jamaica Day 3: The Water Wheel & a Golf Course Grotto

Today is Labor Day in Jamaica, so many places are closed. No matter – we chose a self-guided golf cart adventure around the Tryall Club grounds. Amir has a knack for finding quiet special places, usually off the beaten path, that feel like they were meant just for us. He claims it’s hours of Google research, I think he just has a natural compass for discovery.

The Aqueduct and Water Wheel at Tryall

In the 1700s, this 2200 acre property was a sugar plantation. There’s a three mile aqueduct still functioning that carries water from the Flint River to the water wheel. Back in the day, the water wheel supplied the energy for the sugar cane presses.

The water wheel still turns today

There’s a large chimney still standing which was the boiler room where the cane was boiled down to form the brown sugar of the area. The rest of the building is long gone, but you can appreciate the bustling activity that used to take place at this site.

Looking up at the junction where the aqueduct meets the wheel

If you do visit, just a heads up about the local craftsmen. They must have a security camera focused on the wheel, because before you even unload from your golf cart, there’s someone there peddling handmade woodcrafts. Like most places, you can certainly haggle on price. We travelled without cash today, so we were either SOL or lucky depending on your tchotchke stance.

I might take up golfing after this trip

Next stop after the water wheel, search for a secret grotto just off the golf course. At first we weren’t sure if our gas-guzzling golf cart was allowed on the golf course (we didn’t want to disrupt the serenity), but a friendly security guard assured us we were fine.

Beach Baby at Sandy Bay

We followed the path towards the Caribbean blue water, over a rickety wooden bridge and towards the shore. There we discovered Sandy Bay, a rocky beach with clear blue waters and a refreshing breeze.

Egem and #1BabySister

After Sandy Bay beach, we hopped back in our Sea Glass golf cart and set out for stop #2. We parked the cart next to a fresh water river emptying into the Sandy Bay.

The water was crystal clear and shallow, with round rocks and spiral seashells, perfect for exploration by little hands.

Some of us in the crew opted to wade in the river while others made friends with sand and hermit crabs.

The stream is fresh water, collecting all of the rain water from up in the mountain downward. Today was a bit dry, so much if the river bottom was exposed for our view.

After exhausting ourselves at the golf course grotto, we reloaded the golf cart and made our way back to Sea Glass Villa. Lunch was served at 1:30pm at our request, and we were past due.

Back at Sea Glass, we enjoyed an Asian chicken salad with fresh oranges, crispy straws and citrus dressing. As a bonus, the chef made us strawberry mango swirl smoothies with pineapple and grapes. The kids (and who’s kidding, the adults too) loved it all.


This afternoon the pool time was cut short by thunderstorms, but we enjoyed watching the rain out on the patio. It also became a great time to work on combing #1BigSister’s hair, as 3 days in the pool with no washes in between essentially created dreadlocks. Egem and I spent about 20 minutes trying to detangle her hair and eventually admitted defeat. With scissors borrowed from the kitchen staff, I performed her first at home hair cut, fully expecting a meltdown.

She lost 2 pounds!

Much to my surprise and relief, she was delighted to have lighter hair that’s easier to comb and braid. Somehow I became a hero in just a few quick chops. There’s certainly some leveling out that needs to happen, but life just got a lot easier for everyone.

Today felt like a long day. Tomorrow everything is open again, so we’ll likely try snorkeling, kayaking or some other yet to be discovered water sport.


Egem and #1BigSister with her new and improved hair