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Italy Day 9: Two hour lunches & naps in the garden

We had a slow start this morning, and not for any particular reason. As per usual at home, #1BigSister was first awake and quickly asking me to turn on everyone’s new favorite show, “Bread Barbershop” (Netflix) about a slice of bread who works decorating the bald “heads” of various cupcakes, adding swirls of icing, sprinkles, chocolate pieces – lots of flare. Bluey is still the best – but Bread is running a close second.

I made a casual breakfast by cutting up some fruit I bought yesterday and arranging concentric circles of meat. I forgot the croissants – but no one noticed.

Sometimes it feels like vacation is just passing the time until you eat again… and in Italy that seems even more condensed. Yesterday we made a lunch reservation at Chalet Fontana, a lovely restaurant with gardens and terrace dining. We went last time we came to Italy. I was psyched to make a return.

Checking out the tadpoles

We ordered the octopus, salad and beef tartare for starters, then we each had an entre – servings were generous. The kids enjoyed rolling around in the grass, and I appreciated that no one at the restaurant seemed to care.

We had two tables, 11 of us total. We took our time, talked, drank, watched the kids do silly things… slowed down. It was lovely. It was Italy… well, likely anywhere in Europe. These are the moments that tempt me to go expat.

After lunch we all went separate ways. #1LittleSister and I took a walk in the stroller from Chalet Fontana back to our AirBnB, but of course I took that opportunity to stop and take photos as well as pop into some stores in search of the perfect thank you gifts for some friends back home helping us out while we are gone.

Il Torchio del Erin Ciulla

At my sister’s recommendation, I stopped in to check out a small store for handmade books. The artist is a Canadian expat who fell in love with Florence on a study abroad and made her way back as fast as life allowed. Her shop is so special. I picked up two handmade things which she gift wrapped for me free of charge.

Views along my walk

As I mentioned, one meal seems to roll right into the other here, so it was soon time for dinner… but first a little snack from Madeline, a pastry shop unfortunately for my waistline located right outside our door. So for those counting, that’s Gelato to the right and pastries right across the street.

Fruit torte and cannoli with limoncello

I’m starting to get worried about when we get home and everyone is off of their sleep schedules. This will go one of two ways… either the kids will be so exhausted their bodies don’t even care what time it is and then just crash… or they stay awake for 18 hours straight and #1BigSister gets in trouble for falling asleep at school. I don’t want to jinx myself with a prediction.

In keeping with the daily gelato tradition, after dinner we stopped by a small store right at the foot of Ponte Vecchio. Everyone was good at sharing. #1LittleSister played the cute card hard and wooed the gelato women into gifting her a free waffle cone wafer. I swear she’s a 21 year old trapped in a 1.5 year old body. She knows what she’s doing.

Ponte Vecchio at night

After gelato we walked for a bit, but the length of the day and the cold weather were wearing on everyone. We turned back and looked for a taxi to take my mom back up “the hill” to my sister’s house where she’s staying. Unfortunately there were none to be found, nor through Uber, so my sister came and picked her up in her “car.”

Generous leg room

Tomorrow we are hoping to rent either a golf cart or some other kind of vehicle to take a quick ride through the city and see some parts out of walking distance. In the evening, we have a BABYSITTER from 6-9, and will head to my sister’s house for a meet and greet for our of town friends and family. I’m looking forward to seeing many of my cousins who will be here. I only have 5 (total in both sides), and 3 will be here. And with that, sleep calls again.