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Argentina Day 6: Cerro Campanario Ski Lift, Sendero de los Arrayanes and Patagonia Cervecería

Last night I fell asleep under the stars with the help of our panoramic bedroom windows. The weather forecast promised to be gorgeous today and did not disappoint.

The ascent at Cerro Campanario
Small children can safely sit on an adult lap

First stop, riding the chair lift at Cerro Campanario, the mountain directly across from our AirBnB.

The chair lift takes you up to a mountain top cafe and overlook. The lift is a typical ski lift – slow and accommodating for nearly everyone. Small children, elderly folks with canes, we saw a mix. Tickets are just 500 peso ($9) per person, and children under 5 are free.

The café at the top has indoor and outdoor seating
Ice cream any time, any place

The cafe at the peak offers both food and drinks. We opted for beef, chicken and cheese empanadas with café con leche and fresh fruit juice. There’s also pizza and a generous selection of pastries and desserts.

Panoramic view from atop Cerro Campanario
Mama and baby girl
Your ticket thankfully includes the ride back down as well. We were sad for the journey to end, but the trip down was even more impressive than the way up.

Descent view at Cerro Campanario

After Cerro Campanario, we knew #1Toddler would be looking to nap. She almost fell asleep on the chair lift down. We set out for Sendero de los Arrayanes, a park with flat trails that’s low aerobic demand and stroller friendly. Most everything is within a 5-10 mile radius in Bariloche, so it didn’t take long to find.

You can take your pick of walking sticks at the start of the trail. The entire trail is roughly 1.5 miles. It’s fairly flat with a good mix of inclines and declines in each direction.

About half way down the trail there’s an offshoot that allows you to explore el Bosque de los Arrayanes (Forrest of the Chilean Myrtles). These trees require a specific habitat and soil and are extremely fragile. They’re known for their unique twisted branches, narrow trunks with irregular white spots, and cinnamon-colored bark that peels off as the tree grows. Many are over 300 years old.

El Bosque de los Arrayanes
El Bosque de los Arrayanes

At the end of the trail there’s a rocky beach with flat water and lapping waves. #1Toddler must have thrown 100+ rocks into the lake.

“Look mama a green one!”

Finding the perfect rock

After Sendero de los Arrayanes we were of course hungry again. Prior to the trip, Amir scopes out the local breweries (there are a ton) and decided Patagonia Cervecería was a must.

Patagonia Belgian Red
You can’t get more “locally grown” than these hops

The menu was exactly what we wanted – charcuterie, burgers, a few salads. #1Toddler and I split the “Las Brisas” board, while Amir enjoyed a burger.

Las Brisas board

Patagonia Cervecería is doing right what Richmond just can’t seem to figure out. The atmosphere is incredible. Bariloche had amazing views of the water, and everywhere you turn you get to experience them. Back home, we have the beautiful James River, but nay a single brewery (maybe Legend) capitalizing on that perfect view.

Casual seating and a walk-up bar
Restaurant seating with full service

Casual outdoor seating at Patagonia Cervecería

Today was amazing. And I’m stuffed. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for 60 degrees and rain, so looks like we’ll be doing some indoor chocolate factory hopping. Oh darn.