Argentina Day 10: Traveling from Bariloche to Iguazú Falls

We were sad to leave our AirBnB in Bariloche. It gave us so many beautiful delights – majestic views, rainbows, sunsets.

Sunset on our last night in Casa Hygge, Bariloche

I awoke at 6am to ensure everything was packed and clean prior to our planned 8am departure for the airport. If you’ve never stayed at an AirBnB before they each have different checkout procedures depending on owner specifications.

At Casa Hygge we just needed to load the dishwasher, take out the trash and a neighbor stopped over to pickup the key. Some AirBnBs utilize a lockbox or keypad system; the two so far on this trip have both used old fashioned keys.

Bariloche Airport is small, just 8 gates. We checked in easily, again thanks to priority treatment of those traveling with small children as well as those who are pregnant.

Waiting to board at Bariloche Airport (BRC)

There’s no direct flight from Bariloche to Iguazú Falls, so we are connecting in Buenos Aires. Each leg is about two hours.

We’ve booked more traditional hotels for the last two stops on our trip. Our hotel in Iguazú came with transfers for each of us to and from the airport which was convenient.

I had the window seat for the flight into Iguazú. Jungle as far as the eye can see. It reminded me of Tikal, Guatemala.

Iguazú airport is small but modern. Our bags were on the belt before we got to baggage claim, and we quickly found our driver. All in all, very efficient and easy.

At some point this morning when packing up, we realized we only had 4 more diapers for three more days. Vincente, our driver, was kind enough to stop by the supermercado on the way from the airport to the hotel to allow Amir to run in and buy some.

The entire ride to our hotel, Loi Suites, #1Toddler begged to go swimming.

“Can I put my swimming costume on?”

“Can I go down big slide?”

“Can I splash splash?

We dropped our thing in the room, coated everyone in sunscreen and DEET, and made a B-line for the pool.

The hotel also has a swing set just outside our wing. This did not go unnoticed by you know who.

We ate dinner at the hotel restaurant partially for convenience, but also because it was well-rated online.

View of the pool from the restaurant

We also might have already spotted the largest beetle ever seen. Even David Attenborough would be moved. I couldn’t get a photo though before a French couple sat down. They probably would have found it awkward if I were maneuvering under their dinner table to photograph a (fortunately dead) megabeetle.

Tomorrow morning at 8am we are going to watch the hotel staff feed the toucans just before we eat breakfast and head to Iguazú Falls at 9. Vincente said to expect to spend 6 hours at the falls, so we are heading to bed early to rest up.


Virgin Piña Colada
Tiny Planet from Tacul Beach

One thought on “Argentina Day 10: Traveling from Bariloche to Iguazú Falls”

  1. Glad it was a smooth trip . Evie will love the toucans…and the pool. And Amir will be in heaven in the Rain Forest ! I’m excited to see Iguazu Falls ! Stay safe. Have fun.


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