Argentina Day 2: Playgrounds, Pizza and Paella, hitting all the essential “P”s

I never really went to sleep from last night. We checked into our “better than in the pictures” AirBnB around 7am (5am Eastern). #1Toddler didn’t want to sleep as I had hoped, but that was forgivable considering how good she was on the plane.

Relaxing in the living room
Can we talk about this ceiling please

Masks guard the front door

We strategically picked an AirBnB right next to a large park with a playground. We’ve found we always need to intersperse some runaround time with some sightseeing if we want to make everyone happy.

We went to parks three separate times today. Fortunately Buenos Aires has plentiful public green space and has made a notable effort to preserve large trees to help cool the urban environment.

We ate lunch at Güerrin Pizza, established in 1932, it’s a hopping local spot for Argentinian pizza and empañanas that came highly recommended by some of the travel videos we watched ahead of our trip.

It’s cash only, so prepare for that, but there are about 200 specialty pizzas on the menu ranging from prosciutto with hearts of palm and tarter sauce to fresh mozzarella with strawberries. We opted for the Suprema Pizza with added anchovies. Highly recommend it.

Eclectic mix of locals dining solo
Güerrin Suprema, add anchovies

For dinner at 9pm (which was early as most people eat around 10pm), we stopped at Ávila, a Spanish tapas place with no menu, just a special of the day which to our luck was paella. Before the paella, we were treated to fresh bread with whipped garlic butter, a cheese and olives plate, and a traditional “torta española” which is a sort of potato and egg pancake.

Seafood Paella at Ávila

Tomorrow we have a big day planned doing what I call the “Evita pilgrimage,” to visit La Casa Rosada and other historic sites. And I’m sure we’ll stop at a park or two.

The den in our AirBnB
Hand painted plates line the tiny stairwell

One thought on “Argentina Day 2: Playgrounds, Pizza and Paella, hitting all the essential “P”s”

  1. The accommodation looks wonderful…so spacious . Love the masks !
    Love the food too….you had my favourites today . Pizza with lots of ANCHOVIES and PAELLA


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