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Italy Day 10: Turista massimo

Amir’s mother, Julia, is staying with us in Florence which has been a nice way to spend time together. We’d been on the lookout for ways to explore the city that don’t involve a tremendous amount of walking. Our kids can be hit or miss with cooperation, and Florence is quite hilly. So when Amir identified a golf cart tour, it was a perfect fit.

Me, #1BigBrother and Julia

We booked through a company called EcoToursItaly.com. They were most responsive by WhatsApp and were able to pick us up right at our front door.

We liked the golf cart because we were able to see parts of Florence we’d never have wandered to on our own, and the speakers in the cart explained the history and architecture of everything we were seeing as we went along. The only down side of the cart is that since it’s motorized, it’s restricted in some areas like the plaza with the Duomo. But if you or anyone in your party have mobility limitations, it’s a great solution.

#1BigSister found her favorite ride

Somehow we managed to work up an appetite riding in the golf cart, so of course we headed to lunch next. More pizza. I might be reaching my pizza limit.

Anxiously awaiting her pizza

After lunch we walked to the Palazzo Vecchio just to take a closer look at some things. We didn’t have the attention span to commit to the whole museum, so we walked through the ground floor only. It did not disappoint.

Palazzo Vecchio

At Palazzo Vecchio we spotted some horse drawn carriages. Amir and I were content with our city tour via the golf cart, but the kids desperately wanted to meet the horses. For 50€ we hired a horse-drawn carriage to take us on a second and very different (no motor) tour of the sites.

After leaving our horse friends, we headed back to the AirBnB for some R&R. Tonight we had the first of many events this weekend in celebration of my niece. This evening my sister hosted all of the out of town friends and family at her home (Galileo’s house) for dinner, drinks and great conversation. Amir and I took our obligatory rooftop view photo, despite the fact that it was pouring rain.

View of the Duomo and Florence from Galileo’s rooftop

Tomorrow we are free until 5 when the bat mitzvah begins. Then I’m somehow expected to stay awake until two as to not miss any of this amazing experience. I may try to sleep in tomorrow… or even nap… if my kids last longer than I do, I’ll never live it down.

Good night all. Sleep well.