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And so it begins.

So a few weeks ago I was asking Amir if I started a blog, would anyone read it?  Who wants to read about Emergency Medicine, EMS, interior decorating, gardening, life hacks and arts & crafts?  He seems to think quite a few people.

Most people know I used to work in Internet & Search Marketing, but left that industry to pursue medical school.  I’ve been nothing but happy with that decision, but every once in a while I feel the need to explore my more creative, communicative side.  I hope this site allows me to share some creative inspiration for others.

My other goal is to have a voice.  This week, another important person in our lives committed suicide.  Amir and I have both been supporters of suicide prevention, but whatever we’ve done so far, even working in an ED where we each see 3+ suicidal patients per shift, it’s still not nearly enough.  It’s just not working.  Let’s start talking more.  This is my first step.  I hope you join us.   ~Steph