Clinton Corners Day 6: Rivendell Riding Academy & a Drizzly Lazy Afternoon

This morning we again awoke to rain, and I wondered if other parts of New York have yet dried out from the flooding brought by the remnants of Hurricane Ida. Fortunately we really suffered no effects here in Clinton Corners, but watching the news these past few days, we’ve learned that so many weren’t so lucky.

Guinness getting prepped for a ride

This morning #1BigSis had her first ever horseback riding lesson. Rivendell Riding Academy is close by, offering lessons for all ages. We scheduled a 1 hour lesson with Madison on a friendly pony named Flash.

Leading Flash to the barn after some initial prep

Madison started by teaching #1BigSis about the basics of grooming and dressing her pony with a saddle. She spent a good 10 minutes brushing his mane.

#1BigSis grooms Flash
Indoor warm up

Since it was drizzling, Madison decided to start the lesson inside the barn to allow everyone to get aquatinted without the added variable of rain. After a few laps where they mastered starting and stopping, everyone headed outside to explore the fields.

Just past the silo is a field with jumps

Out in the field, we encountered other riders enjoying their quiet Sunday mornings.

No jumps yet for these new friends

Madison was a great teacher – patient, spirited and reassuring. Just what our novice rider needed. after about twenty minutes in the fields, the crew made their way back to the barn.

#1BigSis had no trouble with the dismount. In fact she was too fast for me to catch a photo.

Back at the barn, she helped tie up Flash and said some goodbyes. A few last strokes on his mane and a big hug for both Flash and her teacher Madison, and we called it a day. Total expense: $65 + tip.

Madison & #1BigSis
Rivendell Riding Academy

After riding at Rivendell, we came home for lunch and a bit of R&R. Amir and #1LilBrother hit up an air show in Rhinebeck while us ladies took it easy binging on YouTube and afternoon tea.

We made our nightly trip down to the garden to grab veggies for dinner, and Amir collected what dry wood we could find for the solo stove. I’ve been seeing these things all year in Facebook posts from friends and in social media ads, but had never experienced one in real life. There’s a calming feeling it invokes – gentle flames with little to no smoke… this will likely be on the list for Santa this year.

#1BigSis supervises

I finally found the book today that tells the history of The Willows. It was compiled in 1994 by a previous owner when seeking historical registry status for the house. It’s too much to tackle tonight, but fortunately we are here for three more days and nights.

“The floor is LAVA!”

One thought on “Clinton Corners Day 6: Rivendell Riding Academy & a Drizzly Lazy Afternoon”

  1. Oh boy….the best yet ! “FLASH”….the perfect pony for her. I can see from her smile that she loved it. The photos are brilliant. And as a veteran of countless hours (not to mention $$$$$ !) spent at riding schools I can see this is a wonderful facility…perfect for her first lesson. Well done guys.
    The Air Show was great for Amir and Oliver too ! All in all another superb day . Stay safe !


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